Necco Wafers.

Circus Peanuts.

. Spoiler: the answer is no.

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Black. Necco Wafers. Then, What are the most disliked candies? So whatever you do, steer clear of these 10 most-hated candy choices: Circus peanuts.

Circus peanuts.

And lucky for last year’s worst candy, Circus Peanuts, they got upgraded to least favorite number two, as candy corn took its place. com customers. teapotslut • 1 hr.

Vote below! 🎃 Here are some reasons why people hate circus peanuts. .

Circus Peanuts 3.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the No.

Circus peanuts. Circus peanuts are American peanut-shaped marshmallow candy.

Putting a candy shell of an odd shade of pink and white just makes it worse. -1.

It's simply foul, there is no other way to put it.
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Often topping the list of the worst candies ever made are these circus peanuts, which have miraculously maintained a devoted fan base since their debut in the 19th century (per CandyFavorites.

The result showed the reigning Circus Peanuts knocked out of worst place by candy corns.

. . They date to the 19th century, when they were one of a large variety of unwrapped "penny candy" sold in such retail outlets as five-and-dime.

. First made in the 1800s, circus peanuts were only sold in the spring until polyethylene film was created in the 1940s, and the candy was then able to be sold all. 2 spot with Peanut Butter Kisses rounding out the. 1. After being overtaken as America's least favorite Halloween candy for 2019, the still disgusting circus peanuts settle in at a well-deserved No.


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But hear me out: The holiday's superlative sweet will quickly turn against you if you dare consume more than five.


Full disclosure: My father loves these.

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